Saul O Sidore Memorial Foundation

The Saul O Sidore Memorial Foundation does not have a formal application process. The following extract from our annual report to the IRS can serve as a statement of purpose:

The Foundation does not make grants to individuals for scholarships, fellowships, etc. The Foundation makes grants only to charitable non-profit organizations or to educational, cultural, or governmental institutions. The majority of the Foundation's grants goes to fund the annual Saul O Sidore Lecture Series at the four main campuses of the University System of New Hampshire, and to public libraries in New Hampshire. Individual projects will be reviewed, but the Trustees have generally provided funding, within the limited budget available, for proposals relating to children "at risk," children "in need," general cultural, charitable, and educational interests, and athletic education. In general, the Foundation won't participate in funding drives, or in supporting general operating requirements; its interests lie in providing all or some of the seed-money necessary, on a one-time basis, to get projects or activities started, without additional funding commitments being required. The Foundation's geographic interests are generally focused on the States of New Hampshire and Massachusetts, with emphasis on the North Country of New Hampshire.

Semiannual meetings of the Trustees take place, generally, in May and November. Proposals for consideration at the meetings should be received by the beginning of October, for the November meeting, and by the beginning of April, for the May meeting, to allow for advance distribution. Proposals are generally not considered at other times.

If you have an appropriate proposal, please put it in letter form. It should indicate the specific amount being requested, its purpose, the sources and conditions of any other funds involved, and the overall budget for the project, and include a copy of the institution's IRS determination letter. Any other information, which you deem pertinent, is appreciated, but should be very restricted in length, as all proposals received are reviewed during a single afternoon session. In addition, the Foundation requires a clear statement from your organization of the percentage of solicited donations that is used to support the cost of the solicitation and/or any related administrative costs.

The Foundation does not respond to phone calls. The Foundation does not have an e-mail address; the site you are presently viewing does not accept e-mail. Mailed inquiries will receive an information letter based on the above.

The Foundation's address is:
Saul O Sidore Memorial Foundation
15 Gleneagle Drive
Bedford, New Hampshire 03110